All About Alyssa Gregory

Writer of this blog, Alyssa Gregory.

The provider of this blog, Alyssa Gregory. (Photo via Facebook/Alyssa Gregory)

Hello! My name is Alyssa (pronounced UGH-Lisa, for those who like to read aloud) and I’m a college student living her dream of travelling… through a blog. Like most students I’m on a fixed income that is continuously being depleted by school bills, overly high gas prices and my pricey addiction to all things sweet, especially ice cream!

My days consist of homework, NCIS TV show star Leroy Jethro Gibbs and dreaming of all the places I’m going to travel… when school is no longer dipping its hands in my pockets. So, until I can make it to my dream destination, France, I’m going to tour my home state, Oklahoma, and tell you all about it! This blog is going to be about the places I can travel right here and give you a sneak peek of, as Disney princess Pocahontas said, “… what’s just around the river bend!”


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